Saturday April 2, 2016

    The 3rd Annual Race for Autism in Shreveport Louisiana raises awareness about one of our country's biggest epidemics today.

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    Awarded Pollination Project Grant

    Funding from the Pollination Project will be used to conduct resource workshops detailing the signs of Autism Spectrum Disorders (ASD) in toddlers and adolescents and to support parents of newly-diagnosed ASD children.

    Read more about our grant award

  • Truly Inspiring Video

    Young girl finally able to speak

    This amazing girl with autism who after years of being unable to communicate with the world is utilizing her computer and proves autism is not what most doctors and everyone else think it is.

    Click to watch this video

  • Concerns about Autism

    48 million people affected worldwide

    This estimate is higher than estimates from the early 1990s. Over the years, some people have had concerns that autism might be linked to the vaccines children receive.

    Read more Download CDC data

  • Outgoing Entertainers

    Turn Autistic Kids Into Outgoing Entertainers

    Community-based vocational instruction using videotaped modeling for young adults with autism spectrum disorders performing in air-inflated mascots.

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  • IG Autism Needs You!

    Join Our Parent Support Group Today

    Being a parent of a child with a development disability can be challenging. We have created a support group to address these challenges.

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Autism is REAL and I'm REAL- 5K

Asperger syndrome disorder

  • 1 in 5 live with it
  • Most common condition
  • 1 in 110 births diagnosed
Read more

Disintegrative disorder

  • 1 in 84 live with it
  • Common disorder
  • 2 children per 100,000
Read more

Pervasive developmental

  • 1-3yrs begin symptoms
  • Rare disorder
  • 5 per 10,000 diagnosed
Read more

Rett syndrome disorder

  • 6-18mo begin symptoms
  • Very rare disorder
  • 1 out of 10,000 affected
Read more


The Widgetkit Lightbox allows you to view images, HTML and multi-media content on a dark dimmed overlay without having to leave the current page.


  • Display images, videos, HTML, Iframes, Ajax requests and SWF
  • Supports YouTube, Vimeo, MP4 (h.264), WebM and FLV movies
  • Group lightboxes and mix different content types
  • Responsive design to fit all device resolutions
  • Load other widgets in lightbox
  • 3 different opening and closing transitions
  • 4 different caption styles
  • Keyboard and mouse scroll wheel navigation
  • Build on the latest jQuery version
  • Works with Joomla and WordPress


Different animations - fade, elastic and none

Different title positions - float, inside and over

Various examples in one gallery (try also using the keyboard and mouse scroll wheel)

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Load Widgets In A Lightbox

Use #wk-ID to load widgets like slideshows or galleries in a lightbox. For example: Widgetkit Slideshow

<a data-lightbox="width:600;height:300;" href="#wk-10">Lightbox</a>

How To Use

Use the HTML5 custom data attribute data-lightbox to activate the lightbox. You can set various lightbox parameters to the data attribute. For example:

<a data-lightbox="width:1000;height:600;" href="http://www.wikipedia.org">Lightbox</a>

Here is a list of the most common parameters:

  • titlePosition - How should the title show up? (float, outside, inside or over)
  • transitionIn - Set a opening transition. (fade, elastic, or none)
  • transitionOut - Set a closing transition (fade, elastic, or none)
  • overlayShow - Set to true or false
  • scrolling - Set to yes or no
  • width - Set a width in pixel
  • height - Set a height in pixel
  • padding - Set a padding in pixel

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